GRAND International Design Group was founded in 1998 by Mr. Greg Prozument, a Russian-born Furniture and Interior Designer, PhD. In his 40-plus years of experience in the industry Greg had participated in creating hundreds of various furniture models for manufacturing in Eastern and Western Europe, and completed numerous interior designs for places like the Kremlin, the 1980 Olympics building, theaters, museums, and many others. Greg had frequently won global furniture design competitions, received numerous design awards, and holds over 70 patents and certificates of design authorship and ownership. In addition to that, Mr. Prozument had also won two design competitions in the USA, held annually by the “Custom Woodworking Business” magazine.

GRAND International Design Group is responsible for creating hundreds of unique furniture pieces, as well as completing interior design projects for hotels, offices, retail stores, salons, restaurants, as well as various private residences. The company utilizes a number of materials in its projects: natural, such as wood, wood veneer, and leather; and synthetic, to include laminates, melamine, as well as glass and metal. This allows the company to meet the demands and satisfy the tastes of any client. Several factors set GRAND Design International Group above competition, including utilization of the highest quality products, affordability, dependability, and world-class professionalism.